‘Forging’ a tattoo begins with a rough idea. A focal point that’s not defined by aesthetics or composition. It’s defined by you. When you come to us with an idea, we at Integrity Tattoo ’hammer’ out your vision and create a polished design that exceeds your expectations and is uniquely YOU. 

All the work we do at Integrity Tattoo is custom. We incorporate your ideas into a one of a kind original tattoo. No flash racks. No choosing a design off the wall. A tattoo that is 100% YOURS.

We know how important the meaning of a tattoo is. After all, it will be with you forever. We believe the experience is just as important as the tattoo itself. So let’s start designing your dream tattoo today.

who we are


Jason James Benci

Jason James was brought up in rodeo from a very early age. Beginning in 4H Jason began entering both bull riding and bareback bronc riding before being sponsored in the National High school Rodeo Association then going onto the IPRA all before the age of 18.

Jason held a career at a environmental engineering firm where he became familiar with programs such as AutoCad and Microstation which he still uses to create tattoos to help incorporate geometric patterns and polar array such as armor, mandalas, pocket watches, and compasses, etc.

Funny enough, Jason is also a professional stand up comedian that has performed internationally as well as across our great country, With comedy tours in numerous countries including Kuwait Iraq and Afghanistan for the US military, He is officially the nations funniest tattoo artist!

A tattoo artist, stand-up comedian, western enthusiast and overall awesome dude, Jason has spent the last 8 years building a dedicated clientele at Chroma Tattoos in Bloomield, Michigan.

In 2014 Jason visited Poncha Springs and knew it would soon be not only his forever home, but the birth place of his newest adventure, Integrity Tattoo.

With a passion for one-of-a-kind designs, Jason takes the time to get to know his clients and takes their ideas to the next level.


Art class was my favorite part of school from kindergarten to high school, that had never changed. After years of drawing as a hobby, I was talked into trying out tattooing. In 2012 I was granted my apprenticeship. In 2013 after the apprenticeship, I moved back to my home state of Michigan where I tattooed and painted portraits, learning a lot along the way. Once I visited Salida in 2014 I met with the local artist and a local tattoo artist, I was convinced that this is where I would like to further my career. I really enjoy tattooing and many art forms. To me there is nothing quite like people coming together to discuss and design a piece if art that will a permanent and personal legend that will last a lifetime. I'm lucky enough to call this my career! I'd like to thank clients of the past, present, and future for making this possible. Let's create!

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VISIT US ~ 225 Summitview, POncha Springs, CO 81201

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stay & play

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Ahhhhh…..Poncha Springs, Colorado…..who doesn’t wanna hang out here?

Out-of-town clients who are planning on spending more than four hours at our shop are welcome to be a guest for the night in our residence on the second floor. (Best. View. Ever.) A private entrance to the guest bedroom will allow you to come and go as you please. Guests will have full access to the kitchen, living room, laundry room, bathroom, as well as the front & back deck.

*Offer based on availability. Rules and restrictions apply. 

 what they’re sayin’

Thanks guys! YOU are the reason we do what we do


Jason did my first, second, third, and fourth tattoo and he will be the one who does all my tattoos because I trust him. He does an amazing job, better than amazing. It's very clean and sanitary, chroma has great hospitality and I'm so glad that I chose the right place to get all my tattoos. Jamie the owner is very sweet and funny. Everyone is just great. I love this place and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It can be scary getting your first tattoo or any tattoo because what if you chose the wrong place or what if later you won't like it but I'm telling everyone that this is the RIGHT and BEST place to get your tattoo, there is not one flaw about this place or the people and the artists are so good at doing what they do that you'll never hate your tattoo. GO TO CHROMA!

Sarah H 
I came in for a tattoo with Jason. I asked him to add to a tattoo that I already had on the left side of my body. I arrive for my appointment, had time to look through all the paperwork, and my friend and I were invited back to the private space of Jason's work area to get settled. Jason was SURE to take the time necessary to get my tattoo just right. He respected that this tattoo was going to be on MY body forever, so he made sure that the lettering, placement, and size all complimented both the previous tattoo and my body shape. During the tattoo itself he was very professional, and of course cracked a few jokes. One of the coolest things about his work space was the TV he kept on the wall complete with a variety of movie choices to be used as entertainment/distraction during the tattoo process. He charges what I consider to be an appropriate rate considering his work ethic, cleanliness, and talent. I am VERY pleased with my experience and will certainly return to Jason if and when I decide to get my next tattoo.

Brian K 
Wow! Cannot say enough great things about Chroma!! The staff is fantastic. I started my japanese sleeve with Jason today and the experience was out of this world. Jason was knowledgable, friendly and made me feel at ease the entire time. The work he did was the best I have ever seen. I'll be working with Jason at Chroma for the rest of my work!! This is where you need to be.


Corinne K. 
When I was looking for a tattoo shop to get my memorial tattoo done, I stumbled across Chroma Tattoo through friend reviews and I couldn't have been happier with my experience! The shop was awesome and Jamie at the front desk was very helpful with scheduling and other questions. At my consultation, I went in with just an idea of what I wanted and Jason came up with an amazing design! He was even able to capture my dad's writing and spirit into my tattoo. He was friendly, hilarious, and made me feel at ease through the whole process. Jason was also willing to work with me through a touch up after the initial session. I can't say enough good things about this place and Jason. I look forward to getting more work done by him in the future!

Jason did my tattoo. I gave him a few things that needed to be in the work, and a few suggestions that I thought would look nice. I came in for my appt. and he had already done the drawing and was really into it. Sat for about 3.5 hours, was very comfortable the entire time. Very happy with my tattoo and overall experience!

Mike R. Gallagher
I came here to get my first tattoo and my experience was phenomenal. the studio was clean, comfortable, and calming. I'm happy with my first and can see ill be back, thanks Jason for a great tattoo.

Mark & Darlene 
My wife and I are returning customers to this tattoo palace. Jason the artist did a fantastic job and a comfortable/funny atmosphere!!! If your a first timer or one searching for your next 'tat'. Well we highly recommend this place. Jason took his time and was very focused in his talent. We will definitely be going back for more and more!!


What more could you want...? 

I’d say I am two shades from OCD, so when I picked my parlor I had to know that they were very clean and very anal. I called the shop three times, with three very specific and detailed questions. Jaime - artist and front desk - was beyond informative, friendly, kind, PATIENT and reassuring. She is great! When I got to the shop for my apt/ink it took me 45 minutes to agree to still go through with the tattoo (my original idea was too thin that Jason felt the lines would overlap and not look good. So he increased the size stenciled it and placed it on my skin to peek at. It took me forever to agree to it because it was twice the size I had been imagining for months. Jason was also very PATIENT, very insightful and assured me that there was absolutely zero pressure to keep the appointment, should I have changed my mind. Finally, Jason lowered the ink an inch and it completely changed the look for me, the size “fit” now. Jason cleaned up (thoroughly), lined up my sketch (precisely) and produced a work of art! I am beyond happy with my pieces, service and price from Chroma. I will definitely be going back! Clean, talented, patient and personable… what more could you want when you look for an artist?

Tamar Hankinson 
I came all the way from England to visit a close friend of mine and we wanted matching tattoos. Neither of us knew of anywhere to go and so we googled nearby tattoo places. We were instantly impressed by the Chroma website and the friendly phone manner. 

From the moment we entered the shop for our consultation to the moment we left it was a wonderful experience. The staff couldn't have done more to make us feel comfortable and at home. Jaime welcomed us at the front desk, while Jason went out of his way to improve our tattoo design and work on a Sunday as I was leaving the following day. I cannot thank them both enough for how memorable they made the experience and I cannot recommend this place highly enough. 

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for creating a piece of artwork of which I am so proud. My friend and I feel closer because of the experience and my tattoo reminds me everyday of my 'family' in the US. 

Lots of love from the UK, 


John Murray 
Jason Benci Tattoo Fix 

Given the task to unit the two separate Celtic tattoos on my shoulder and under my arm, Jason came up with a brilliant design of filigree. Not really knowing what that was I immediately trusted Jason as the artist that he is. The design enveloped my shoulder and arm like it should have been there along. I can't imagine trusted anyone else with my tattoo. I am very happy with the tattoo. I will be looking for additional work from Jason in the future.



Jason did a great job on my new tattoo. It looks fantastic. Jason did a great job making me feel comfortable and gave me all the information I needed. I will be back and bring my friends!